Although many people understand general mechanism of Bitcoin, at the same time, they feel something is missing. I strongly thought that I would like to take a step forward and understand it deeply. However I did not know exactly what to do for better understanding.

There are many information about Bitcoin in the world. Still, why do they feel hard to understand deeply?

Bitcoin has many aspects such as Finance, Economy, Investment, Technology, Politics and Religion aspects. It also requires a lot of prerequisite knowledge such as mathematical knowledge, cryptology knowledge, economics knowledge, computer knowledge. Trying to understand it vaguely, we have to capture these multilaterally. Therefore, I think that complexity will increase and impede understanding.

In this blog, I would like to focus on technical aspects and to deepen understanding. Because Bitcoin is crystal of computer science,I think that the technical point of view was the most important.

First of all, there is something we must understand. That is to know the existence significance of Bitcoin. Knowing existence significance is essential for understanding Bitcoin. Because, new technology is born because we want to solve some existing problems. Without knowing existing problems, We can't know the essence of the technology. No matter how important the technical aspect is,In the first we must be knowing its essence.

I think that there are also many people have already seen Satoshi Nakamoto's "Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System". If you have not seen it yet, please read this whitepaper first. You look at this, you can know existence significance of Bitcoin most accurately. Even if you do not understand everything yet, please read it over and over again.

It is for people who want to understand the mechanism Bitcoin technically.It will be helpful for someone who wants to learn more by taking a step forward rather than overview.It is structured so that it can be understood without any premise, so you will be able to read while attaching necessary knowledge when necessary.

Let's travel Bitcoin world!